Jessie Tisdale
Jessie Tisdale Opera

"The exquisite quality of Jessie's presentation made her selections, including some of the world’s greatest melodies, seem freshly rediscovered."
    - Jim Eninger, coordinator of Rolling Hills United Methodist Church's
        "Second Sundays at 2" concert series

"I was expecting the concert to be wonderful, but it exceeded my expectations! Jessie's voice was superb and her stage personality was absolutely delightful!"
    - Diane Simons, Artistic Director, South Bay Children's Choir

"Jessie displays a deep interpretation of her music, singing with great sensitivity and tenderness. Her musical renditions are truly inspiring, passionate and provide an immediate connection with the audience. Her vocals are warm and beautiful with no deliberate effort. The top notes are secure, pitch-perfect, and powerful, and the middle range has a rich timbre that is expressive and smooth."
      - Dan Hom, Owner of Bravo! Music Studio